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Enhancing Information Technology in Education with ICT Beacon

We Support Schools and Universities Across Uganda to Create Advanced, Secure, and Efficient IT Environments

ICT Beacon is one of the nation’s top educational consulting firms, has been helping educational institutions for over 10 years. We work within the budget to help maximize your technology investment, which yields success in your students and staff. Are you interested in enhancing your educational technology solutions? Let us optimize your environment today

IT Assessments

ICT Beacon is an industry leader and a one-stop shop for all your educational technology consulting needs. We offer comprehensive IT assessments that provide your institution ways to maximize its technology investment, improve the technologies that drive it, and enhance the overall technology experience.

IT Projects and Data Privacy

As one of the leading educational technology consulting firms, we know that it takes time to get your IT projects finalized (sometimes these projects have to wait for months)! ICT Beacon can assist with various projects and migrations, as well as provide network and security monitoring to alleviate some of the burdens on your internal IT teams. Concerned with data breaches and privacy? We’ve got you covered. In today’s world, students/educators are vulnerable to spam, phishing, etc. Unlike other educational technology consulting firms, ICT Beacon alleviates these vulnerabilities and secures your educational IT environment.

Schools Need to know that Investing in student success demands investing in Educational & School Technology

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