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Managed IT Support for Non-Profits

With over 10 years of experience working with non-profits, we know that every organization is different and has its own unique set of technology needs. At ICT Beacon, we provide industry-leading non-profit IT consulting, IT support and IT management services. We work with you and your organization to fully understand your goals, help you address your IT pain points, and start winning at IT. Discover how our IT services for non-profits can bring your organization closer to reaching its mission.

Crafting the Right IT Solution For Your Budget

Efficient budgeting is key for any non-profit organization. Our solutions experts are well-versed in the request for proposal process and budget cycle. Our IT services for non-profits ensure that every dollar is accounted for and allocated to the right places and channels. We work with you to provide documentation for presentation to your key stakeholders and help you determine what technical discounts and grants you qualify for to ensure your non-profit business IT services fit within its budget. IT assessments are an excellent resource for analyzing your non-profit IT department infrastructure.

Our non-profit IT consulting services can help your organization reach its goals. We work with your organization to find ways to optimize your current IT infrastructure and help you create a clear roadmap of how to improve your IT environment and ensure that your non-profit is always up and running. Don’t wait until a disaster happens to seek support – get in touch with ICT Beacon to enhance your non-profit IT services today!

Keeping Your Edge and Remaining Competitive

In a competitive landscape of non-profits, having a strategic partner can help your organization stand apart. Partner with ICT Beacon to enhance your non-profit IT services.

By working with ICT Beacon as your non-profit IT services provider, you gain insight into how technology can help grow and enhance your organization to give you an edge over the competition. Whether it’s creating an app, a custom web portal for a donor campaign, or collaboration tools to help your volunteers succeed on the go, we are here to support your mission and help grow your organization. Our network support services can help your non-profit stay connected.

Driving Your Non-Profit Forward with Business Intelligence

Our IT services for non-profits can help you to leverage business intelligence (BI) to implement powerful solutions in your organization. Data is essential to running a successful organization and can help you make the best decisions. We work with you to develop the right business intelligence solution so you can determine what is and what is not working for your organization in real-time.

Protecting Your Member and Donor Data

Your contact database of memberships and donors is the foundation of your organization, and that data needs to be secure. If your non-profit IT service needs to involve data protection or specific IT compliance requirements, ICT Beacon’s IT services for non-profits can help secure all of your important information. We have over 10 years of experience protecting the valuable assets of non-profits from potential hackers and threats and can work with you to determine your current security posture and how we can work together to improve it.


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